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Your pun loving, dog obsessed Canadian food tour guide

Having grown up in the restaurant ​industry back in Canada, owned my own ​cafe in Dublin and guided food tours in ​Tuscany - it's safe to say I know a little ​about food.

More importantly though, I love to ​connect with people through this global ​language. Solo travellers, couples, groups ​- everyone is welcome!

Get in touch to book a food tour in ​Dublin.

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The Unconventional

Food Tour

I used to bring food to people and now I bring people to food!

Following a flag behind a long line of other tourists down a busy street? Nope.

Mouse size bites of mediocre food? Forget it. You won't leave hungry!

Visits to places any list online recommends? Not with me!

Eateries that are style over substance? Yawn.

We will visit my favorite eateries, chosen with the food lover in mind.

We'll be snack hopping while chatting about everything from bad dates to ghost stories to where we've been and where we're going.

What's different about my tours?

° details on the farm to fork connection

° genuinely delicious food

° emphasis on family and small business origins

° loads of laughter

° history tidbits to satisfy your nerdy side

° memories, darling, memories.

I'm looking forward to meeting AND feeding you!

Group of Friends Visiting Eat Market and Eating Potatoes in the



From €85.00 per person

6 seats per tour

I will introduce you to traditional Irish food as ​well as international dishes created with the ​finest Irish-sourced ingredients; the best of ​both worlds! When the tour is over you'll get ​my personalized map of 230+ places to eat in ​Dublin. Book via email for a discounted rate or

PRIVATE FOOD TOUR - Dublin & Florence

From €100.00 per person

2-8 seats per tour

On holiday with a group or just want a more tailored experience? I offer private tours for groups of 2 to 8 people. The perfect choice for families, dietary requirements, couples, hens/stags or groups with guests that are under 18 years old.


From €85.00 per person

6 seats per tour

Pizza, pasta, panino and repeat! The beauty of Florence is only matched by its food. My first experiences with guiding tours were in this gorgeous city back in 2008 and I often return to show guests the beauty and tastes of Firenze! This tour is less about Italian food history and more about strolls through whimsical streets and visits to my favorite places ; small businesses with big hearts. I won't let you go without my personalized map of 50 places to eat in Florence.


Heart in envelope

Food, the gift that keeps on giving!

If you're looking to surprise someone with a food tour look no further! Email with the details and I'll send them a PDF they can use to book a date and time that suits them.

Email to purchase


Chocolate Editorial Sauce Dripping on Chocolate Bars

• The tour runs daily from 12-14:30 & 18:00-20:30. Ending times are approximate based ​on group size, etc.

• Only guests aged 18years + may attend. 12+ may attend with adults however the tour ​is not suitable for toddlers, babies, infants and other very cute beings unless a private ​tour is purchased.

• Stops include a mix of seafood,meat,dairy,shellfish,alcohol & gluten with no ​substitutions.

• Our meeting point is in the city center and photo directions will be sent to you within ​24 hours of the tour starting.

• Groups of more than six people can be catered to with the purchase of a private tour.

• The cancellation policy is 7 days for a full refund. Private tour dates on weekends hold ​a 30 day policy.

• There are 6-8 stops on the tour

• We go rain or shine, snow or hail. In Ireland all may happen in one day!

• There will be a water break towards the end of the tour otherwise drinks are not ​included so please bring a water bottle.

• There will be restrooms at most stops.


A few of my 250+ five star reviews!

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"In addition to leaving the tour with full and happy bellies, we left satisfied with the amount of knowledge and uniqueness that Lo provided. The delectable cuisine, the wonderful conversation, and the taste of Irish history made this tour truly and wonderfully unconventional."


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"Laura’s tour is a great insight into the Dublin food scene. Laura’s passion for locally sourced, sustainable ingredients from the chosen restaurants really helps to set the scene for Dublin’s emerging culinary scene. Expect some great eats and insights throughout your city tour. Awesome sized meals, too!"


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"The variety of different foods and the tour through the city was awesome. We loved how the tour showcased small local spots. You can come to Dublin and get a tour where you eat Irish food… or you can come to Dublin and get a taste of the Irish fusion cuisine at every stop of this tour! Highly recommended for foodies!'


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"This tour really exceeded my expectations. Laura is great and you can tell she's really passionate about what she does. All the food was amazing and I wouldn't have discovered any of it without this tour."


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"We are from Dublin and eat out regularly. We like trying new restaurants, and were not sure what to expect when being shown around our ‘home town’ by a Canadian, but we were really impressed. We had only eaten in one of the places Laura took us to previously, and to be honest, will be visiting some if not all of the ‘new’ places. Great host. Great restaurants. Great tasting food - even in a wet night in this 'dirty old town'.”

Glenn, Ireland

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"Laura has a long and deep connection with the restaurant industry and small, family businesses in particular. Not only was the food experience great, but it was also just great to get to know Laura, as well as other people on the tour, as she keeps the tours small so she can really curate an intimate experience."


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"This tour was amazingly! I love that Lo has a great relationship with each location we visited! Her storytelling is excellent and I love that she can tell you where the restaurant has sourced their ingredients. Choosing this tour is a must!"


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"Had such a good time on Lo’s food tour, was such a great medley of hidden gems I would not have found otherwise and am so glad I did! It’s always a bit nerve wracking booking an experience as a solo traveller but Lo put me at ease instantly and we had a great time. If you want to experience delicious food and great company in Dublin, book this tour!!!

Tess,New Zealand